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Dear Customers, We are taking a brief pause in our operation to support Rose Out of the Mud Clothing's non-profit partner, CTD Development Services Inc. For the next month they are conducting a special fundraiser to secure funding to keep the lights on for the next 6 months. It's an all hands on deck effort, and they need our focused support to raise $75,000. Being a small operation, we can't help our brothers and sisters at CTD and also service our customers like you're accustomed to. We will be working around the clock to help CTD meet its goal, and then get back to business at Rose Out of the Mud. As you know, because of the restrictions due to COVID19, it is taking all nonprofit organizations longer to find donors who can afford to be as generous as they have been in past years. CTD has been very good to Rose Out of the Mud these last 12 months, and we will support them as long as they need us. But, we will keep you in our hearts, and hope to make our way back to providing you with the inspiration our fits provide to so many customers. Until then, we invite you to get to know CTD Development Services Inc. They do amazing work in our public school system, advocating for disadvantaged families by challenging school leaders and educators to expect more from themselves and the children they teach every day. Schools can do more and they can do better for our children. We know it and they know it, but somebody has to be there to remind them. That is where CTD Development Services Inc comes in. They supply public school stakeholders with data reports that bring attention to schools or neighborhoods where some student groups are experiencing far less success than others. Their analyses draw attention to the barriers to success the less successful groups are experiencing with greater frequency, but may be unnoticeable to the untrained eye. They use broad data sets, statistics, and analytics aimed at giving each group a broader lens through which to view the problem everyone is trying to understand. To complement, they offer simple solutions that are fair and feasible. Most important of all, their reports always come with projections and real life examples that remind all groups of the less than favorable future they will most likely have to deal with if they fail to uphold their end of the bargain. CTD also trains these families to develop the skills and knowledge to advocate for themselves for as long as is necessary. It is difficult work that few understand, but we support what they do. They don't simply look to make a difference. They want to leave a legacy of community self-reliance and empowerment through the gift of education and advocacy about education within education from one family to another family. Learn more about the work the people at CTD Development Services Inc do by visiting If you support the work they are doing show your support by visiting the Donate page, and make a donation in the amount you find suitable for you. Thank you, Rugzby Pitts, Founder Rose Out of the Mud Clothing

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